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Answers to Common Concerns


How do I refill or order new prescriptions?

Simply call us at 519 822 6767 for refills. Unlike other pharmacies, our team directly answers your calls making it simple and efficient. If at chance you do not have anymore refills on file, we can fax your doctor for an authorization request. Our pharmacist can also authorize certain medications while waiting for the doctors response or by letting your doctor  know that we have done so. For new prescriptions, your doctors office can fax your prescription to 519 822 0408 or you can personally drop off your written prescription.

Will my insurance cover any prescription medicine I purchase?

We accept all prescription drug plans. Each plan has its own list of medication that it covers. We can always help to navigate your drug coverage and work with your prescriber to find a medication that is covered for you if the one prescribed isn't.

Can I buy generic prescriptions even though my doctor prescribed me a brand name medication?

By law, your pharmacist must offer you the most cost effective version of a medication as long as it is considered interchangeable, meaning that it is equally effective and safe. You can always request a specific brand of your medication if you like - most drug plans require that the prescriber hand writes "no substitution" on a prescription in order for the brand name product to be covered, but this is not always the case. Call your pharmacy team for further information.

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